Family Nutrition
Bring the family together in a new, healthy way with creative kitchen fun for everybody.

Kids in the Kitchen

  • Turn your kitchen into an art studio by coming up with creative ways to make your favorite foods.

  • Add a new twist to healthy snacks to make them more appealing. For example, make cartoon faces or animals out of fruit and vegetables.

  • Become "kitchen scientists" with your kids by finding out how much sugar is in a can of soda, or by dissolving an eggshell, or even making your own low-fat ice cream!

  • Involve your kids in everyday cooking activities such as shredding lettuce, mixing ingredients together, adding spices, rolling dough, and choosing the vegetable for dinner.

  • Make a pizza together, a great way to demonstrate how healthier ingredients like lean meat, veggies and low-fat cheese can taste delicious.
Share your recipes with KidSmart! If you and your kids come up with some tasty, healthy dishes, let us hear about them by mailing them to:

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